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Training for the ACFT: The 2-Mile Run (2MR)

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

New test, same 2 Mile Run

In October of 2020 the Army will officially replace the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), used to assess Soldier fitness since 1980, with the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). Unlike the APFT, which only measures aerobic and muscular endurance, the ACFT will also assess Soldiers’ muscular strength, anaerobic endurance, coordination, trunk stability, and power. The move to the ACFT signals the Army’s commitment to follow through on its many initiatives to increase combat readiness. In the physical domain, the ACFT will drive a new type of physical readiness training that is far more comprehensive than the current status quo. Senior Army leaders believe the shift in training focus will enhance combat readiness and reduce injury and attrition.

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That’s all good news; but show me a Soldier that’s really excited about the deadlift event on the new ACFT, and I’ll show you a Soldier that’s really disappointed that the 2 mile run is still the primary assessment of aerobic fitness. So while we’re training to get stronger, we can’t forget about the need to maintain high levels of aerobic endurance. In fact, high levels of aerobic endurance should probably be the foundation of our combat-focused fitness.

This does not mean that we advocate a 5 mile release run down Ardennes every Monday

Instead, learn the principles of training, understand the specific adaptations to aerobic training, and develop a plan to meaningfully enhance endurance.

Train Smarter

Use a combination of long, slow distance training (LSD), tempo training, and aerobic interval training (AIT) to yield the most increases in performance adaptations.