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Calculated your ACFT score? Our recommendation for what to do next.

Get your Fillable PDF Scorecard here.

If you haven't completed the entire test yet, here's what you can expect.

Deadlift Min. 60 pt score: 140lbs

Deadlift Max. 100 pt score: 340lbs


SPT Min. 60 pt score: 4.5 meters

SPT Max. 100 pt score: 12.5 meters


HRPU Min. 60 pt score: 10 reps

HRPU Max. 100 pt score: 60 reps


SDC Min. 60 pt score: 3 min 00 sec

SDC Max. 100 pt score: 1 min 33 sec


PLK Min. 60 pt score: 1 min 30 sec

PLK Max. 100 pt score: 3 min 40 sec


2MR Min. 60 pt score: 21 min 00 sec

2MR Max. 100 pt score: 13 min 30 sec


ACFT Scales 23 March 22.png
Rules of Thumb

If you haven't taken the whole test yet, and you're unsure what you'd score, here are a few helpful "rules of thumb:"


  • If you are a relatively inexperienced lifter and lifting with the trap-bar for the first time, expect to lift 5-10 percent less with the trap-bar than you do with a traditional straight bar (as a result of difficulty balancing the weight).

  • If you are an experienced lifter and have spent a lot of time pulling heavy weight with a straight bar, you'll likely lift 5-10 percent more with the trap-bar.  

  • Click for more on the 3-Repetition Maximum Deadlift

Standing Power Throw

  • Expect a drastic improvement in your performance after just a little bit of practice -- point of release and trajectory angle are key -- the ball should leave your hands just behind your head and the initial flight path should be near a 45 degree angle above the ground.

  • Throwing the ball beyond 12 meters is a challenge.  Aerobically focused Soldiers are unlikely to perform well in this event.

  • Click for more on the Standing Power Throw

Hand-Release Push-Up w/ Arm Extension

  • This event does not require any equipment, so do some hand-release push-ups and figure it out!  Expect to do 30 to 40 percent fewer HRPUs than regular push-ups.  For most Soldiers, the HRPU is currently the most challenging event to max.

  • Click for more on the Hand-Release Push-Up


  • This event is certainly demanding, but top performers will complete the SDC in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.  In fact, most Soldiers will earn at least 90 points in the SDC.  As we previously predicted, the Army reduced the FY20 max from 1:40 to 1:33.

  • Click for more on the Sprint-Drag-Carry


  • The PLK assesses the Muscular Endurance component of fitness by measuring a Soldier’s core strength and endurance. Balance is a secondary component of fitness assessed by the PLK.

2-Mile Run

  • Know your 2-mile run time on the APFT?  Subtract 30-40 seconds from your APFT run time to approximate your run-time on the ACFT.

  • Click for more on the 2-Mile Run

But what should I do with my performance data?

  1. Use the Training For 600 ACFT Calculator to determine your ACFT score.

  2. Reference the graphic chart below to determine the physical demands of the events in which you struggle.

  3. Leverage the resources available to you on Training For 600 to prioritize your training:

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And don't forget to JOIN TF600 for access to all of the Training For 600 tools, tips, and techniques you'll need to dominate the ACFT.

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