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Welcome to the Foundations page.  Here you'll find everything you need to create a plan for physical readiness training.

Start by building a framework:



  • Hinge

  • Horizontal Pull



  • Squat

  • Vertical Push



  • Lunge

  • Vertical Pull



  • Move Under Load



  • Hinge

  • Horizontal Push

How to intelligently sequence activities for a single training day:

  1. Warm-up: general to specific; less to more dynamic

  2. Practice elements of motor fitness: agility, coordination, balance, power

  3. Train power

  4. Train strength

  5. Train muscular endurance

  6. Develop energy systems

    • anaerobic endurance​

    • aerobic endurance

  7. Recover

To better understand how to train the specific components of fitness, click here.

** Note: this is not a suggestion to train all elements of fitness in a single day.  Click here to see a sample week of integrated training.

Not sure which exercises to select?  Use the table below.  Exercises are listed from less advanced to more advanced.

Not sure what these movements look like?  Click here and search our video library.

bilateral hip thrust
band or strap assisted squat
forward lunge
(horizontal) HRPU / T push-up
(horizontal) DB/KB row
(resist) 2-point hold
single leg hip thrust
air squat
rearward lunge
(horizontal) DB bench press
(horizontal) bent-over row
(resist) banded lunge position
KB deadlift (single/center)
goblet squat
side lunge (cossack squat)
(horizontal) bench press
(horizontal) ring row
(resist) stir the pot
KB deadlift (unilateral)
DB/KB front squat (unilateral)
walking lunge (unloaded)
(horizontal) close-grip bench press
(horizontal) banded face pull
lunge and rotate
KB deadlift (bilateral)
DB/KB front squat (bilateral)
(horizontal) dip
(vertical) straight-arm pull
deep lunge and rotate
KB RDL (unilateral)
front squat
walking lunge (varied load carriage)
(horizontal) plyo push-up
(vertical) assisted pull-up
lunge position banded rotations
KB RDL (bilateral)
back squat
step-up (varied load carriage)
(horizontal) slide-board push-up
(vertical) pull-up
(dynamic) 4-way med ball rotations
pistol squat
walking lunge (overhead carry)
(vertical) DB/KB press
(vertical) chest-to-bar pull-up
(dynamic) rotational med-ball slams
zercher squat
jumping lunge
(vertical) overhead press
(vertical) ring pull-up
(dynamic) side-shuffle, sprint
good morning
overhead sqaut
bulgarian split squat
(vertical) push-press
(vertical) muscle-up
(dynamic) backwards run, sprint
single leg RDL
(vertical) hand-stand push-up

Strive to move with precision.

Precise Pattern 6, Hinge, train for ACFT
Precise Pattern 6, Squat, train for ACFT
Precise Pattern 6, Lunge, train for ACFT
Precise Pattern 6, Lunge, train for ACFT
Precise Pattern 6, Push, train for ACFT
Precise Pattern 6, Rotate, train for ACFT

Integrate Precision and Progression in a Comprehensive Plan

Precise Pattern 6, train for ACFT, ACFT Training Progressin

Use the "Category" drop-down menu to help you choose movements for each type of movement pattern.

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