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What are the events tested during the ACFT?

3RM Maximum Deadlift (MDL)

Standing Power Throw (SPT)

Hand-Release Push-Up (HRPU)

Sprint-Drag-Carry (SDC)

2-Mile Run (2MR)

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3RM Deadlift

Field Test 60 pt min: 140lbs

Field Test 100 pt max: 340lbs

Execute a 10-minute self-paced warm-up prior to this event

Fitness Component: Muscular Strength

  • Use a Trap-Bar (Hexagonal Barbell) to perform 3 continuous deadlift repetitions 

  • 2 attempts to establish a 3-repetition maximum (3RM)

  • Event terminated if the weight is dropped or bounced

  • Event terminated if weight rests in the down position

  • The heaviest weight successfully lifted three times is the raw score recorded


Standing Power Throw

Field Test 60 pt min:

4.5 meters

Field Test 100 pt max:

12.5 meters

Rest a minimum of 2 minutes prior to this event

Fitness Component: Explosive Power

  • Use the reverse overhead method to throw a 10lb medicine ball as far as possible

  • Soldiers will be afforded one practice throw and two record throws

  • the longer of the two record attempts will count as the raw score

  • Stepping on or over the start line during a throw will count as a fault and the throw should be repeated

  • Two faults in a row will count as a record attempt and a "0" should be recorded for that attempt




Field Test 60 pt min:

10 reps

Field Test 100 pt max:  60 reps

Rest a minimum of 3 minutes prior to this event

Fitness Component: Upper Body Muscular Endurance

  • Starting in the "down" position with feet no wider than a foot apart and index fingers within the outside of the shoulders, extend arms at the elbows while maintaining the body in a generally straight line

  • After full extension, return the body to the ground and extend arms laterally (forming a T) while the chest, hips, and thighs remain in contact with the ground. Return hands to the starting position

  • Repeat this cycle for as many repetitions as possible in 2 minutes

  • The front leaning rest is the only authorized rest position and Soldiers may not bend at the hips or knees to assist the rest


Sprint Drag


Field Test 60 pt min:


Field Test 100 pt max:


Rest a minimum of 3 minutes prior to this event

Fitness Component: Anaerobic Endurance, Agility, Speed, Strength

  • Begin in the prone position with chest, hips, and thighs in contact with the ground

  • Sprint 25 meters, touch the 25m line with a hand and foot and return to the start line

  • Drag a 90lb sled entirely past the 25m line and back to the start line

  • Side shuffle laterally to the 25m line and touch with a hand and foot, side shuffle to the start line while facing the same direction

  • Carry two 40lb kettlebells to the 25m line and back (step on or over the 25m line before returning to starting line

  • Sprint 25 meters, touch the 25m line with a hand and foot and return to the start line


Leg Tuck

Field Test 60 pt min: 

1 rep

Field Test 100 pt max:

20 reps

ACFT 2.0 Leg Tuck/Plank Update

Rest a minimum of 4 minutes prior to this event

Fitness Component: Upper Body Muscular Endurance, Trunk Stability

  • Use an alternating grip to mount the pull-up bar with the shoulders perpendicular to the bar

  • Fully extend the body in a straight-arm position (legs and feet may not be crossed)

  • Flex at the elbows, knees, hips, and waist to lift the knees until both knees or thighs touch the elbows

  • Return to the start position with elbows fully extended under control

  • Repeat this cycle as many times as possible in two minutes

  • Performer may not swing or twist to establish momentum; may not re-mount the bar 

  • Hand grip should remain no further than a fist-width apart


2-Mile Run

Field Test 60 pt min:


Field Test 100 pt max: 13:30

Rest exactly 5 minutes and then perform the run

Fitness Component: Aerobic Endurance

  • Complete a 2 mile run for time on an improved surface such as a road, sidewalk, or track

FY20 ACFT Standards.JPG
ACFT Alternate Event - Plank

1: 3-Repetition Maximum Deadlift

4: Sprint-Drag-Carry

2: Standing Power Throw

5: Leg Tuck

3: Hand-Release Push-Up

6: 2-Mile Run

Official CIMT videos above available via the CIMT ACFT microsite found at https://www.army.mil/acft/



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