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FY20 Army Combat Fitness Test Update: Breaking Down "SMA Sends" and Updated Scoring Standards

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Welcome to fiscal year 2020. This new year brings a reason to celebrate: if you took the APFT today, it could be your last APFT of all time. For those Soldiers still figuring out the Leg Tuck (event 5 of the new test), today also marks the 365 days you've got to train before the inability to perform a Leg Tuck becomes a significant emotional event.

Yesterday, SMA Grinston disseminated an Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) implementation update for FY20 and beyond. The message is clear and concise: be a leader, build readiness. Here's that message (in blue) and some additional commentary to fill in the gaps -- everything you need to know (new ACFT Standards at bottom) in one place and with as few mouse clicks as possible:

SMA Sends - Army Combat Fitness Test


Today, the next step in the Army's transition from the Army Physical Fitness Test to the Army Combat Fitness Test was announced. Beginning 1 Oct 19, all Soldiers entering initial military training (IMT) - Basic Combat Training (BCT), Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and One Station Unit Training (OSUT) - among others, will be administered the ACFT. These Soldiers will undergo training and practical testing for the ACFT to build their individual readiness as they prepare to join cohesive teams at their units who have already built upon their readiness.

What you need to know (WYNTK): The APFT is out. The ACFT is in. The momentum built to this point is irreversible -- stop complaining and start training. The second phase of ACFT implementation began today (1 October 2019) -- from now until 30 September 2020, every Soldier in the Army should execute two not-for-record ACFTs approximately six months apart.

We are on a glide path to Total Army implementation no later than 1 Oct 20, but will maintain the APFT as the test of record until then. This year-long period will allow us to continue assessing and validating t