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Limited Time Offer: App-based Training Programs for Quarantine Gains

Updated: Mar 30

**UPDATE: No more spots available for free access to App-based physical training programs**

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Don't give up on your #ACFT Training goals just because you're taking a break from your normal routine!

In response to COVID-19, a lot of folks have shared “at-home” and body weight training programs via social media and other outlets… that’s awesome! Staying motivated and engaged while at home or away from teammates can be difficult, though. That happens to be one of the exact problems we hope to solve by sharing our training on the TeamBuildr App; not only does the TeamBuildr app seamlessly deliver a great training program, it also allows you to connect with other athletes using the program. That’s why we’re offering 3 FREE TRAINING PROGRAMS you can access via smartphone app -- to help you create a new routine with fresh new training.

What exactly is TeamBuildr?

Log in, train, record results, and even compete with other users using the program across the world. Exercise Prescriptions are accompanied by a video demonstration of the exercise, carefully curated from the best demos on the web. This is a limited-time offer and slots will fill up fast.

To take advantage of this limited-time, one-of-a-kind offer:

  1. Download the TeamBuildr app available in your iOS or Android store

  2. Choose the program that best suits your needs (Program Descriptions Below)

  3. Enter the program code and password for the program you choose

  4. Start using cutting-edge strength and conditioning software for FREE!

  5. If all else fails, just DM us with the email address you’d like to use to sign up

Option 1: Appropriate for any athlete without access to equipment. This is bodyweight training, 4 times per week. Perfect for your quarantine needs.

Bodyweight Quarantine Machine - Join Code: TZWN-QEEE Password: MOHEIFFI

Option 2: Appropriate for athletes with access to a full complement of gym equipment.

At a minimum, you’ll need: Barbells and bumpers, Boxes or implements to jump on, an Assault Bike or C2 rower, a heavy kettlebell, a pull-up bar, a moderately heavy slam ball or sandbag, and some dumbbells.

Tactical Athlete Program: Join Code: AKX6-OWYQ Password: 6G4FDNHL

Option 3: Train for Speed and Power at Home!

The purpose of this program is to give the athlete the minimum effective dose of sprint, ballistic throwing and plyometric work over the course of a 5 week period. This program will allow the athlete to continue to keep the nervous system active and working so as not to incur "power loss", during this time of social distancing. This program only requires a med ball; no other special equipment will be needed. The hope is this program will allow the athlete to continue to train, so as when they return to a normal training environment, they will be ready to again perform at a high level.

5 Week Sprint/Throw/Plyo: Join Code: UBTY-CRN6 Password: 70BY9SQB

We sincerely hope this brings some excitement and enjoyment during a challenging time. Have fun and stay safe!


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